Parallel session program – Technology transfer 

Place: The Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska

Dates: 10th and 11th April 2014

April 10, Thursday

 In the main hall

08:30-09:00   Registration 

09:30-10:00    Welcome address and conference opening
                        Additional from the NORBAS:
                        Rector of University Niš - Prof. dr Dragan Antić
                        HERD Borad Representative - Hege Eiklid                                   

10:00-12:00     Keynote address and plenary discussion
                         The state of university-industry relations in Italy, Donato Iacobucci, Università            
                         Politecnica delle Marche                  
                         Additional from the NORBAS:
                         Knowledge, Technology and Innovation ( KTI): Opportunities, Issues and Challenges of KTI transfer between
                         Norway and Balkans countries (30 minutes for all projects coordinators)

12:00-12:30      Refreshment break

Parallel session (Small theatre - second floor)

12:30-13:00      University - Industry Cooperation for Regional Development
                          Tore Rolf Jørgensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

13:00-13:30      Macro aspect of technology transfer
                          Ludovit Garzik, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

13:00-14:00      Lunch

14:00-14:30      Technology transfer from MSE aspect
                          Paolo Zaramella, Studio Centro Veneto

14:30-15:00      Inclusion of domestic institutions in supporting international knowledge and technology transfer (on the example
                         of the Representative Offices of the Republic of Srpska abroad)
                         Mag. Mladen Filipovic, Representative of Republic of Srpska Office in Vienna

 15:00-15:20      National Platform for Knowledge Triangle in Serbia
                           Prof. Dr. Ivan Milentijevic, University of Nis

15:20-15:45       Refreshment break

15:45-17:15        Research papers presentation: ICT, Technology Transfer, Innovation

April 11, Friday

Parallel session (Small theatre - second floor)

09:00-09:10    Welcome and overview of the previous day

09:10-09:30     Technology Transfer Center at University of Nis
                         Prof. Dr. Vladimir Cirić, University of Nis

09:30-10:00     Successful stories: spin offs – “Alfatec” and “Sentronis”
                        Prof. Dr. Zoran Stajic and Marjan Blagojevic, MSEE, University of Niš

10:00-10:30     Strategic Role of University of Banja Luka within TTC Banja Luka
                         Milena Ljubičić, University of Banja Luka - University Entrepreneurship Center

10:30-11:00      TTC Banja Luka - beginnings of establishment
                          Dana Koruga, Innovation Centre of Banja Luka

11:00-11:30       Refreshment break

11:30-11:50       The presentation of data base for matching educational sector and economy
                           Mario Milanović, University of Banja Luka - University Entrepreneurship Center

11:50-12:20       TTC Banja Luka – future development
                           Drago Gverić, Innovation Centre of Banja Luka

 12:20-13:20     Lunch

13:20-15:20      Discussions – roundtable: Preferred role and position of TTC Banja Luka from the
                          prospective of entrepreneurs and professors/assistants

                           Moderating by: Milena Ljubičić, Tore Jørgensen, Mario Milanović, Dana Koruga

15:20-16:00      Conclusions and the end of the parallel session